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Reviews from Discord

Limitless says

10/10 wtf i have 13 pings after the update wtf

DyeRack2 says

8/10 pretty good it's just the ping idk why it's bad

Be1ow says

PERFECT! in everyway way. would use this program for any type of game server ❤️

Nicoder says

8/10 Original version has solid 20 tps serverside, a better fps on my host computer, and an easier to remember domain compared to competitors. Unfortunately, I've had some small glitches with the OG and the new beta version is not yet mac compatible.

᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼ says

gud. 8/10

Optifineless420k says

10/10 for the beta version of playit.

Mahesh says

I would give it a solid 8/10 its super good, finally able to connect with my friends and play. I would give it a 10 if it let me chose a server location and make a custom ip, other than that its amazing,

zeleric says

For this review, I'd have to give playit a 9/10. It's a solid service thats free and helps me host servers without port forwarding. The only reason I gave it 1 less point is that I noticed sometimes, playit doesn't handle ddos attacks well. I noticed after a few seconds of flooding, playit itself will freeze. The only way to fix it is press a few keys and then it responds fine. If that could be fixed, this program would get a 10/10. Thanks for making this as a free product for everyone to use.

The Council says

10/10 Forgot this place existed. My 4gb ram pc could run it while I had the server open

Jiwoo says

10/10 I know all things like this have it's own up and downs and I can see the potential of this being better , providing far more better experience for it's users in the near future . So far the server isn't lagging and I'm having fun playing with my friends. been using it for 2weeks I encourage you to support play it gg by availing stuffs in it. wanted to be a game dev in the future. so I understand if you give it a low rating.

LVN5 says

10/10 so much better now that you can have configure the TCP and UDP properly, easy now!

Sabriel says

10/10 played with my friends, had alot of trouble with port forwarding but this is the best and i setup a custom ip without

justapak says

10/10 i had so much trouble with port forwarding and all that stuff and this thing solved it to me cleanly it works amazing and there is little to no server lag

Dum says

8/10 because i have lower ping i america than brazil when i live in brasil wich is ??????

lowerforce77 says

9/10 because ping is weird and sometimes down

AndyIsHereBoi says

Performance is amazing, and this is a overall great app that lets you join servers without needing to port forward. The support was amazing and was straight to the point.

MiiArtisan says

10/10 this has to be the best thing ever invented 😄 i no longer have to do like 157349852378947892347894897238974238974 gazillion things just to allow people to join my mc server its fast reliable and very easy to use

Cuffy says

Very underrated, some of the best service and its very cheap 👍


its really good i love it actually not even lying i would say this is a lifesaver saved me soo much time its just my friends get disconnected sometimes other than that its 10/10

FunkySplash48 says

420/69 👍

DyeRack2 says

Is amazing but the ping

MagicMLZ says

Can't rate it yet. Amazing program, fixes my port forwarding issues but it has some connection issues

ItsHotdogFred says

u keep same ip 10/10


I am a Minecraft teen. 10000000000000/10 No Words Just OP burh I was trying this for like 2 years (not continuously 😂) You guys did that like with a snap. Thank you. This means a LOT for me 👍👍.

Vexcenot says

7/10 Shouldn't be this easy, you'd think there's a catch but no. Only downside is that it should've came out sooner! Simple Powerful Flexible Great UI Responsive F R E E Ping really high for some reason Constantly getting disconnection

Morben says

10/10 giving my thanks to the creators and contributors of this program! I was stuck yesterday for like a solid 6 hours trying to port forward and failed every option i've search in the internet. I conclude that my isp is blocking ports. Then short after, I found a video tutorial about this program. It worked. Me and my friends can play with low pings. Thank you guys!

snek100 says

10/10 only way to host a server with starlink because it uses cgnat :|

PlayerValley says

8/10 ping is a little high but i could play with friends 👍

sennecoolgames says

10/10 I host my own litle server for my friend and have no problems 🚿

wan says

10/10 it is very good, It maybe confusing at first but u will get hang of it once u understand it properly <3

Raph9213 says

9/10 it is good, the fast that the domain and port doesn't change at any boot is very good, but -1 because it can totally crash sometime and the discord auth is very glitchy

shake says

8/10 server has lag when building blocks sometimes but it's good. ping is rather meh. 100 - 150 ping but still good program.

DirefulBelt6803 says

10/10 would recommend

Dummkopf says

9/10 does what it needs to and its good would use it again

Dimension1 says

9/10 can't remove tunnels, but ok ping. good program

4-XMD says

∞/10 EXTREMELY easy to use and saved me alot of time since my ISP blocked me into getting my router to port forward :)))

CENJI says

8/10 very helpful because I cant port forward but keeps disconnecting me

fqcz says

10/10 saved me from going through the hard work of port forwarding

jkertcastro says

I had to join this Discord server to thank who's behind this awesome "tunnel" program.

Aadi says

10/10 saved me from cgnat

PixelUlysses says

9/10 this shit is the reason me and the boys can play games together only lost 1 point cause of occasional downtime

papogo says

10/10 better than hamachi shitty

Proxy says

6/10 great solution bult gets overloaded with 11 players on minecraft

Informal says

9/10 oh my god this saved me so much time

テソストルク says

This is the best thing ever 10/10 I wish I knew this earlier

hyrrr_rrrrr says

10/10, Im hosting minecraft server through termux, and it's running well

𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫 says

9.9/10 but some time the ping drop but not major

jajce says

10/10 sus rating

roomba cade says

9.5/10 Absolutely Perfect! Low ping and works with any minecraft version ranging from a mc 1.16.5 server with my friends to a 1.5.2 server to play after i finished my work on the school pc! only downside is the unturned server not being available.

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