Want to run an online game server?

Forget hosting providers,
use your own computer for free!

makes it easy for friends to connect.

How it works

is a global proxy that allows anyone to host a server without port forwarding. We use tunneling. Only the server needs to run the program, not every player!



Playit Premium
$3/month or $30/year

Number of TCP ports

Most games only require a single port. If you're hosting Minecraft Java, you can host 4 servers for free (or unlimited if you add Bungeecord)!


Number of UDP ports

Different games require different networking protocols. With UDP support almost every type of game works with playit. For instance with UDP support make it possible to host Minecraft Bedrock servers.


Number of firewalls

Firewalls are a powerful feature to block unwanted access to your servers. Have someone you want to block or a small group you want limit access to? Firewalls make this happen.


Max firewall rules

If you need to block or allow lots of IP addresses, you may need more firewall rules.


Number of assignable agents

Are you hosting servers on multiple physical computers? Assignable agents let you assign which server is responsible for which tunnels.


Number of dedicated IPv6 addresses

If you're on a IPv6 network, this give you a ton of power. You can use any or all of your 65,000+ public ports on this IP.


External Domains

Have a domain you already own? You can assign it to your tunnels and create sub domains!


Add Ons


Custom Domain

Every tunnel is given a random but static domain name like random-name.at.ply.gg. With a custom domain you change change it and pick one of our endings like .minecraft.party.

$1/month or $6/year

Regional Dedicated IP (IPv4 + IPv6)

Just like Global Dedicated IPs but are only announced in a single region

Varies by region
$3/month to $6/month