Add Dynmap to Minecraft

Dynmap requires your Minecraft server to be running either Bukkit, Spigot, or PaperMC. A server set up with the official Minecraft server will not work.

This guide is for installing Dynmap on PaperMC but setting it up Bukkit and Spigot should be similar. If you don’t have PaperMC server setup, check out this guide: Setup a PaperMC Minecraft Server .

Step 1. Download Dynmap

Click here and download the latest version of Dynmap by clicking on the download button next to the version.

dynmap download

Step 2. Installation

Drag and drop the newly downloaded Dynmap file into the plugins folder located in your Minecraft Server folder (the folder where the paper-server.jar and run.bat if you were following Setup a PaperMC Minecraft Server ).

dynmap download

Step 3. Start your Minecraft server

If you’re currently running you Minecraft server, you’ll need to stop it. With the dynmap .jar file added to your plugins folder, you should be able to start your server back up by running run.bat (or whatever method you use).

Step 4. Check if the Dynmap is working

Once your server is running, you should be able to visit http://localhost:8123 to view your world with dynmap. If that page doesn’t load, give it a few minutes as it might take some time for your Minecraft server to start. If it’s still not working, reach out for help on our Discord.

dynmap preview

Step 5 (optional). Making your Dynmap webpage public

Visit and press Add Tunnel on the Custom TCP banner.

playit custom tcp tunnel

Set the Local server address to and press Add.

dynmap download

After pressing add and giving a few moments to prepare your tunnel, you should be assigned an address you can use and share for accessing your dynmap.

dynmap download


Initial draft was written by Carter Sullivan.