Creating a batch (.bat) file in windows

On windows a Batch file simply a text document with the file extension .bat rather than .txt. Step 1. Create a new file To create a batch file, simply right click and hover over New then press Text Document. Step 2. Set the file name to end with .bat With the new file created, enter the name run.bat. You should get a warning confirming you want to change the name extension, press yes. Read more

Update your DNS server on Windows

Open control panel Open the windows start menu and search for Control Panel Open Network and Internet Open Network and Internet from the Control Panel Open Network and Sharing Center Next, open Network and Sharing Center Go to adapter settings On the left, in the side panel click Change adapter settings Go to your adapter’s properties Find the network adapter that you are currently using. There might be multiple adapters enabled. Read more

VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found

When you run the playit agent for the first time you might get this error: The Fix Install this update from Microsoft: