How to change your DNS server

By default your computer will often be configured to ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider), how to translate a domain name to an IP address. This can sometimes be problematic as many ISPs do not offer all the features which are now standard. This can break Minecraft Java addresses and even cause SSL errors. If you’re getting strange errors on the internet, it might be a good idea to try updating your DNS server. Read more

Update your DNS server on Linux

There’s a lot of different Linux distributions so you’re solution might vary. * Updating DNS in Ubuntu * Updating DNS by editing “/etc/resolv.conf” * Updating DNS by editing “/etc/systemd/resolved.conf” Updating DNS in Ubuntu On the top right of your desktop, open the drop down and select either Wired Settings or WiFi Settings. Next press the gear icon next to the connection. A window should pop up, nagivate to the IPv4 tab, disable Automatic in the DNS row and put 8. Read more

Update your DNS server on MacOS

To update the DNS server on MacOS you’ll first need to open System Preferences, this can be found by pressing the apple icon on the top left of the desktop. Next you’ll want to find the button for editing Network Pereferences. You can search network to find this. Select the network you’re using and press Advanced. Navigate to the DNS tab and press the + button to the left of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. Read more

Update your DNS server on Windows

Open control panel Open the windows start menu and search for Control Panel Open Network and Internet Open Network and Internet from the Control Panel Open Network and Sharing Center Next, open Network and Sharing Center Go to adapter settings On the left, in the side panel click Change adapter settings Go to your adapter’s properties Find the network adapter that you are currently using. There might be multiple adapters enabled. Read more