How to run playit 24/7 on Linux

For this guide we’ll be using tmux. To get started, run the tmux command in your terminal. You terminal should look like Now inside of the tmux session run the playit program ./playit-0.9.3 If you’re unable to run the playit program see * How to run on Linux With the playit program now running you can use the following keyboard combinations Ctrl-b + d to put the tmux session in the background Ctrl-b + c to create a new window to run another program (like the Minecraft Server) Ctrl-b + 0 to view the first window, similary Ctrl-b <num> will let you go between windows If you press Ctrl-b + d and put the tmux session in the background, you can always get it back by running the command Read more

How to run on Linux

If you’re running on a Ubuntu or Debian based operating system to you can use apt. curl -SsL | sudo apt-key add - sudo curl -SsL -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playit-cloud.list sudo apt update sudo apt install playit Playit also releases raw binaries that you can download and run. You can download the latest version of the program from When you try to run the program, you might get errors like Read more

Update your DNS server on Linux

There’s a lot of different Linux distributions so you’re solution might vary. * Updating DNS in Ubuntu * Updating DNS by editing “/etc/resolv.conf” * Updating DNS by editing “/etc/systemd/resolved.conf” Updating DNS in Ubuntu On the top right of your desktop, open the drop down and select either Wired Settings or WiFi Settings. Next press the gear icon next to the connection. A window should pop up, nagivate to the IPv4 tab, disable Automatic in the DNS row and put 8. Read more